FIA expands corner-cutting clampdown in Montreal


The FIA has expanded its corner-cutting clampdown to the third chicane at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in a bid to deter drivers from trying to gain an advantage by running off track.

The issue of cutting across the run off areas has long been an issue at Canada’s tricky final chicane, with the FIA tightening up protocol there in recent years.

Back in 2015, new high kerbs were built to dissuade drivers from straight-lining the corner, and anyone running wide had to rejoin through a bollard which forced them to slow.

That system remains in place for this year, and a similar protocol has now also been introduced at Canada’s Turn 8/9 chicane, where the gravel run off area has been replaced by asphalt.

In a note sent from F1 Race Director Charlie Whiting to the teams on Thursday, he said: “Any driver who fails to negotiate turn 9 by using the track, and who passes completely to the left of the orange kerb element on the apex of the corner, must keep completely to the left of the orange speed bump on the exit of the corner and re-join the track at the far end of the asphalt run-off area.”

Regarding the final corner, Whiting said that a red and white polystyrene block would be installed at the end of the run-off area which drivers would have to keep left of before rejoining the circuit.

The only time when drivers will not have to comply with these requirements is if they have been forced off the track by a rival.

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